What is National Golf Day?

The National Golf Day is a celebration of all things golf and a chance for all of us to challenge South Africa's 6 Major winners in a live scoring event. You will be playing against South Africa's 6 major winners: Gary Player, Ernie Els, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel, Retief Goosen and Trevor Immelman. You will play against them off your handicap in a Stableford scoring format. Don't worry if this sounds like Greek to you. Simply download our live scoring APP called ScoreCapture (it's FREE and available in both Android and IOS - www.scorecapture.co.za ) select the course you are playing at, enter your handicap and technology will do the rest!

Who can take part?

Everyone! This incredible event is open to seasoned golfers, wannabe golfers or used to be golfers! It is open to you, your kids and your spouse. We hope to see as many families as possible taking part, as well as the regular fourballs that grace our country's fairways on a regular basis!

When is National Golf Day?

3 September 2018 - Monday. There are many reasons we have chosen this date! It is the first Monday of Spring and many courses that are traditionally closed have agreed to open their doors to you. You will have the ability to play on the morning or afternoon dependent on how soon you book.

Where is National Golf Day taking place?

We have 91 courses across South Africa that have signed up and opening their doors to you. We expect to have closer to 100 soon. To view the participating courses click here

How do I book to play?

There are two parts to this booking process:
  1. To book your round, please contact the course you wish to play at and book directly with them. When arriving at the club on the day of play, you will also need to present a special code to access the discounted pricing. This code will be sent to each player after successful registration by SMS.
  2. To register to play against the 6 Major winners, please register and pay your R50 on the National Golf Day website.

What does it cost to play?

The courses that have come onboard have generously agreed to charge everyone their member rates or better on the day. So, even if you are not a member of a club you want to play at, you will pay their member rate. Dependent on club, this could vary from R100 to R400. The latter could include a compulsory cart etc. In any event, we are sure you will find a club that suits your specific needs. You will find a list of these courses on our website. Please book your round at the golf club of your choice.

To play against the 6 Major winners will cost you an additional R50. That's right only R50 to play against all six of them. To play against these Pro's please register and pay on the National Golf Day website.

Who do I play against?

Besides playing against South Africa's 6 major winners: Gary Player, Ernie Els, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel, Retief Goosen and Trevor Immelman, you will also be playing against the rest of South Africa; an exciting prospect in its own right!

What can I win?

Every participant will be given a customised downloadable certificate, indicating the course you played at, your final point score and those of the Major winners. This is a piece of memorabilia that belongs at the top of your list, and a whole lot better than the toaster you won in 2003.

What is the competition format?

You will be playing a Stableford format.

What is the maximum handicap I can play off?

The USGA Course Rating System is live on this day and all players will be required to obtain their Handicap Index from the HNA website prior to registering for their round.
  • The club must use their Course Handicap Conversion Tables to determine the player's Course Handicap for the day.
  • All players can select the colour course they wish to play and use the corresponding Course Handicap applicable to the colour course.
  • Players without official handicaps need to play off their last official handicap and if they never had a handicap before, they play off a maximum Course Handicap of 24.

Do any of the proceeds go to charity?

Yes, the National Golf Day has decided to allocate proceeds from the day to Els for Autism and the SA Golf Development Board.

How do I score?

It is important to note that you must use the ScoreCapture APP to score on the day. Please download it now from the i-Store or Google Play. It is available in both Android and iOS.

What is ScoreCapture?

ScoreCapture is South Africa's leading digital, real time scoring solution. It is simply Smart Scoring! Say goodbye to broken pencils, no pencils or the forgotten scorecard in the pro shop. ScoreCapture makes your scores, in a myriad of competition formats, available real-time, with live leader boards etc. ScoreCapture is a free APP available in both IOS and Android formats. It also allows you to see how you are doing on the day, how your friends are doing and how everyone is doing against the 6 majors winners too. ScoreCapture will feature the National Golf Day Leader board for the day, so you won't need to join a specific game on the day. When you create your profile for ScoreCapture, your email address must match the one from your National Golf Day registration, so we can link your profile to your entry.

Free Golf Practice and Lessons

On the day of the event, 3 September 2018, the World of Golf, Golf Village Centurion and Golf Village Gilloolys will open their doors to the public and will offer free practice. 
We have also had several qualified PGA Pros across the country make themselves available to give free 15-minute lessons. Book your free lesson now! 

Who is sponsoring National Golf Day?

We are privileged to have some great sponsors, without whom, events such as this just wouldn't be possible. We thank Lexus, PwC and Supersport.

Who is organising National Golf Day?

MoreCorp, the largest player in South Africa's golf and cycling markets is organising the National Golf Day.

How do you contact us if you have any queries?

We have an online form you can use to contact us if you have any queries. We like to think we are pretty much on the ball, so you should hear from us within 24 hours! Contact us here.

Why is my course not listed?

All clubs are encouraged to participate, if you can't find yours it's because they have not yet chosen to be involved, speak to your Club Management and help them get involved.


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