The National Golf Day is a day dedicated to golfers, people like you, who love the game, play the game or would like to take up the game.

Here's some information about what we have in store for you on the day:

Booking your Tee-time.
Please remember to book your round at a participating club directly. All the courses are listed on our website. View here. When arriving at the club you will also need to present your special code to access the discounted pricing, this code will be sent to each player after successful registration.

Arranging your FREE lesson.
As a participant in the National Golf Day, you have secured a free 15 minute game assessment with any of these PGA professionals nationwide. View here. They are here to help you get ready for the challenge, so whether you are a beginner, novice or aspiring pro, why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get better and have more fun. Remember, your special code unlocks your free lessons.

In order to join the fun around the day, it is essential that you download the ScoreCapture app today. The app offers live scoring and takes all the guess work out of stableford points. It also allows you to see how you are doing on the day, how your friends are doing and how everyone is doing against the 6 majors winners too. ScoreCapture will feature the National Golf Day Leaderboard for the day, so you won't need to join a specific game on the day. When you create your profile for ScoreCapture, your email address must match the one from your National Golf Day registration, so we can link your profile to your entry. Click here to download the app today

The National Golf Day is set to become a national tradition and you are part of the very first group to play in it.

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To sign your course up as a partner for the National Golf Day contact us to be added to the directory. It's fairly simple, make sure your course is open on Monday the 3rd of September, at most please charge members playing fees (less if you wish to) and finally welcome all players, old and new, on the day! We are hoping to make the day as accessible and inclusive as possible and your welcoming participation will go a long way to making that a reality.

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To join other certified PGA professionals and to list yourself for Free lessons on the National Golf Day, contact us to be added to the directory. We believe the more people we help start the game or improve, the more people will continue to return and grow the game we love, and who knows you may introduce the next Gary Player to the game!

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